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Geography and History 106-06

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on April 16, 2019 at 2:09:34 pm
April 25th Work on Cities Cities Due May 3rd
April 24th Work on Cities  
April 17th

Work on 3D model

Start Charter

My Green City Questionnaire.docx

This will be the questionnaire students will fill out about each others cities. 

It will also be what I am looking for when I mark the finished product.


April 16th

Current event

Work on 3D model

April 12th

Finish and Hand in blueprint for approval

Work on 3D models

April 9th Start 3D Models of cities  
April 8th


Working on 2D drawings of city

April 4th

2D drawings and scale introduction

Finish resource activity

April 3rd

current event

Metro activity and discussion


March 26th

Current event

Issues in Montreal learning activity

Issues in Montreal.pptx

March 25th


Current Event

Class will be half Social Science and half Math


March 21st


Junior Play  
March 20th

Current Event

What is a metropolis





March 18th 

Current Event

Play and evaluate board games 

March 13th Finish Board games Board games due March 18th
March 12th Work on board game  
March 1st Work on board games  
Feb 28th Work on board games  
Feb 26th Work on Board games  
Feb 20 Work on Project  
Feb 19th

Work on Project

Feb 15th

Current Event

Open book assignment on Ancient Greece

Board Game Project.docx

Take in History Log

Feb 14th

Current events x2

Limits of Democracy.pptx

Geo challenge

Feb 12th

* there will be a substitute today*

History log pg 84-95


Finish History log

Current event

Current Event Write-up.docx

Geo challenge

Limits of Democracy.pptx

Finish History log
Feb 6th

How did Athenian Democracy work with history Log.pptx

Current event

History Log pg 80-83

Finish History Log 
January 30th

Video with questions on Education In Athens

History Log pg 76-79 

Finish History Log 
Jan 28th

Finish presenting projects

ancient greece key words.pptx

History log

pg 68-75


January 22nd

Project Due

Presentations of projects

January 17th

What is Democracy.pptx

Video with Questions

History Log pg 66/67


Finish History Log 
January 16th C102 Work on Energy project  
January 14th

c102 booked

Work on Energy Project

January 11th C 102 booked to work on Energy Project  
January 9th Library booked to work on Energy Project Project due January 22nd
December 20th Holiday Party  
December 19th Climate change Documentary  
December 17th

There is a substitute today

Open book energy assignment

December 14th

Decorate Door

December 12th


Open Book Energy assignment  17th
December 6th

 Energy Questions

If time:

Iceland Follow Up Questions.docx


December 5th

Civilizations  projects due

Option for groups to present

energy sources with pics.ppt


November 30th

Group activity on Energy

Video the future of energy with questions


Project due December 3rd
November 28th Work on Project  
November 23rd C102 to work on project  
November 22nd c102 to work on project  
November 20th Library to work on project  
November  19th

Correct pg 44-47

Collect History Logs

Introduce "Create Your Own Civilization Project"

created your own civilization project Mesopotamia.docx



November 14th

Commercial and cultural exchange.pptx

Correct pg 40-43

History Log pg 44 -47

November 7th


Correct pg 36-39

History Log pg 40-43

Hammurabi assignment

Finish History Log 
November 6th


Social organization.pptx

Social Hierarchy fill in notes

History Log pg 36-39

November 2nd

Current events

Finish video

Writting activity

Finish History Log 
November 1st


Current events


The Development of the Written language with video (1).docx

History Log pg


Finish History Log 
October 30th

Current events

From Nomads to Farmers questions with video.docx

History log pg 32-35


October 25th Senior Play  
October 24th

Current events

Read in groups page 26-30

Finish History Log 
October 22nd 

"What Makes my Terrritory Unique" is due


Finish History log 
October 19th Work on assignment in computer lab Due October 22nd
October 17th Work on assignment in Computer lab  
October 12th

What makes My Territory Unique assignment

What Makes My Territory Unique 2018.docx

Students will get 3 class period to work on assignment


Due October 22nd 
October 11th

Territories (1).pptx

Territories Handout.docx( In groups)

Current event


October 5th

Current Event

Local, National , International 

Group activity


October 4th

Current Event

Collect Maps

City , country continent

Group activity

October 2nd

Current event

Intro to Geography 2018.pptx

Fill in the blank worksheet

Finish map labeling for homework


Map labeling 
September 27th

Current event

Finish Fresco's and decode them.


September 26th

Current event

Work on Fresco's project

Collect History Log

September 24th

Current Event

Correct pg 14-21

Cave Paintings.ppt



September 20th

Current event

correct pg 7-13

Neolithic peoples continued.pptx

History log pg 14-21

Finish pg 14-21
September 18th

Current events

Venn diagram activity

History log pg 2-13

Finish pg 2-13
September 13th

Google a day

Paleolithic vs Neolithic.pptx  

Paleolithic vs Neolithic Worksheet (1) (1).docx




History Log pg 2-6

Finish worksheet
September 12th


PREHISTORY-a group activity.doc

Finish Personal Time line


Personal timeline Due next class 
September 10th 

Introduction of current event 

Current Event Oral Eval.docx

Current Event Oral Presentation.docx

Current Event Write-up.docx

order current events.docx

Personal Timeline (1) (1).docx


Finish personal timeline

Due next class Sept 13th 

September 7th 

Finish Timeline activity


Finish Era activity  
September 5th 

Discuss class  name and pennate

Group discussion on pre history 

Timeline activity

Time Line Activity.docx



August 30th 

Create Class contract 

Google a day





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