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Math 106-07

Page history last edited by lindsay mandigo 3 years, 2 months ago
Date  Classwork  Homework/Evaluations 
June 7th Final exam Part C  
June 6th final exam part A and B  
June 2nd Review  
June 1st Review  
May 30th Review  
May 29th Final Situational Day 2  
May 25th Final situational Day 1  
May 23rd

Practice situational

memory aid

May 19th


Practice situational

Final situational May 25th &  May 29th

Final Exam June 6th & June 7th

May 18th 

Review Patterns

Memory aid

TEST May 19th
May 17th Practice period  
May 15th

Lesson 30 new.ppt

Panormath pg 137#1,2,3,7

pg 138#10

Worksheets 7.2 ( maybe)

Test May 19th
May 12th practice period  
May 10th

Lesson 29 new.ppt( copies have been made for the kids)


pg 129 #1,2,3,5( these books cannot go home)

Worksheet 7.1

May 9th Open task  
May 5th Real situational  
May 4th

real situational

May 2nd

field trip

May 1st Practice Situational Maay 2nd and 4th
April 27th

practice situational problem

Situational probem May 2nd
April 26th


Converting, area and Perimeter

April 24th

Review for Area and perimeter test

math 3000

pg 228#14

pg 229#1,2,3,4,6,7

memory aid ctreation

Test April 26th
April 21st

Area word problems

math 3000 

pg 227#2-12

Test April 26th Area and perimeter
April 19th

Finding Area.pptx

Math 3000

pg 227#1


April 18th

Perimeter word problems

Math 3000

pg 222 #1,3


pg 223#5,7,8,9


April 13th


Lesson #34 LA Perimetre.doc


April 11th



Math 3000

pg 217 #3-6

April 10th


LA quadrilaterals.doc

pg 194#1

Quiz April 13th on Quadrilaterals
April 6th

Triangle Test

Can you find the shapes.pptx

April 5th Dance show  
April 3rd

Triangle review

Memory aid creation

March 31st

Review class on Triangles

Math 3000

pg 179#1,2,3

pg 180#7,8

pg 181#12,13,14

Test on Triangles April 6th
March 29th

Problems with triangles

Solving for Missing angles in Triangles.pptx

Math 3000

pg 182 #1,4,5,6

March 28th Practice constructions  
March 23rd

 Triangle constructions

Math 3000

pg 170-171

March 22nd


math 3000

pg 172,174,175#2,3,4,6

March 20th

*** there is sub today***

LA triangles.doc

Circle and bar graph review

March 17th



Pg 168#1,2,3



March 15th

Snow DAY

March 14th practice angle relationships booklet  
March 10th

Coloring activity

Math 3000

pg 137-140

Quiz March 15th
March 9th

Geometry Quest


Math 3000

pg 134-136

#7,8,activity 4,9,10,11,12,13




Math 3000

pg 134#5

Geometry Quest March 9th

march 6th

Review perpendicular lines


Math 3000

pg 131#15,16

Geometry quest March 9th
Feb 23rd

perpendicular bisector.pptx

Constructions for geometry 1 to 10.doc ( we are doing #4,5,and 6)


Math 3000

pg 126#1-4

pg 127#6,7


Feb 22nd


Constructing angles



pg 123-124

Feb 20th Continue Vocabulary

Math 3000

pg 121-122

Quiz Feb 22nd

Feb 16th

Lesson #33 LA Lines.doc


Quiz Feb 22nd Geometry Vocabulary
Feb 14th



Math Geometry Vocabulary.ppt

Math 3000

pg 117-120

Feb 13th

Probability trees


Quiz Feb 14th
Feb 9th

Probability slide 11-15



Quiz Feb 14th

Feb 8th

Lesson #28 Probability.ppt ( slide 1-10)

Slides have been printed for the students


Jan 27th

Review for mid year exam

create memory aids

Exam Feb 2nd
Jan 25th Circle graph workshop Worksheets
Jan 24th

Lesson 14 Circle graphs

pg 244#5,6,8

Math 3000

pg 244#5,6,8

Jan 20th


Review from textbook pg 144-146


no homework

Jan 19th

Broken line and Bar graphs ( lesson 13 and 15)

Lesson 12 TO 15 Graphs.doc

Math 3000

pg 242#1-4

pg 245#9-12

pg 247#13,14

Jan 17th

Tally and frequency( lesson 12)

Lesson 12 TO 15 Graphs.doc

math 3000

pg 239#1-3

pg 241#4,5

Quiz Jan 20th


January 16th

Situational day 2( half a class)

Start Stats

Lesson #11 Statistics Terms.doc

pg 235#1-4

pg 237#5-7 

January 12th Situational problem day 1  
January 11th Review and memory aid  
Dec 23rd Review for January exams Situational Problem January 12th and 16th 
Dec 22nd Practice situational problems  
Dec 21st

Project due

Practice situational problems

Dec 19th  Cartesian plane   lesson #2 Finish stencils 
Dec 15th

Cartesian plane



Dec 14th Percent assignment Assignment due Dec 20th
Dec 12th


Percent "of"

pg 107#14,15,16

pg 108 Whole page

pg 109#21,22,27

Dec 9th Lesson #27 Decimals to fractions and Percentages.ppt

Math 3000

pg 106 #9-13

Quiz (Fractions/decimals/Percent's) Dec 12th

Dec 7th Interactive learning activity  Finish learning activity
Dec 6th Lesson #26 Fractions to Percent and decimal.ppt

Math 3000

pg 104-105 All

Dec 2nd Follies, if I have enough students I will do a lesson on percent's.  
Dec 1st Fraction Tests  
Nov 29th

Review for test


pg 81

Test December 1st
Nov 28th Lesson #24 Dividing fractions.ppt

Math 3000

pg 75#5,6,7

pg 76#11,12,23,14,16

pg 78#21,22

Nov 22nd


multiplying fractions

Lesson #23 Multiplying Fractions.ppt

pg 75#1,2,3,4,8,9,10

Fraction test December 1st

Nov 21

Word problems

There Is a sub today

pg 72#1-6

pg 73#11-14

Quiz next class

Nov 16th Lesson #25 Adding and Subtracting Fractions.ppt

Math 3000

pg 71#1-3


Quiz November 22nd

Nov 15th Lesson #22 Equivalent Simplifying fractions.ppt ( slide 14, 15)

Math 3000

pg 68#17,18,20

pg 69#2

Nov 11th


Lesson #22 Equivalent Simplifying fractions.ppt

pg 64#1,2

pg 66#1-6


Nov 10th Open task four 4's No homework
Nov 8th Summative day 2  
Nov 7th Summative day 1  
Nov ember 3rd Review for summative Summative November 7th and 8th
November 2nd Review for Summative exam

Summative Exam November 7th and 8th

It covers all material of the term

memory aids allowed

Oct 31st Test Review booklet
October 27th Review for test

Math crossword

Test October 31st

October 25th Problem Solving with BEDMAS.pptx

Math 3000

pg 21#4

pg 22#12-17

October 24th


Lesson 2 Exponential_Notation_and_Square_Root.ppt

Math 3000

pg 26/27

Test October 31st


Factor trees


Exponents/ square roots


Oct 20th

Lesson 7 GCD.ppt ( slide 8-11)

Word Problems


Quiz October 24th

Oct 19th

Lesson 7 GCD.ppt ( slide 1-7)



pg 31#5,6

pg 32 whole page

pg 33 whole page

Oct 17th Lesson 6 Prime and Composite.ppt

Math 3000

pg 30/31 #1-4

October 14th

Divisibility activity

Divisibility rules

October 12th Test  
Oct 7th Review Test October 12th on integers
Oct 5th integer circuits Review booklet
Oct 4th modeling word problems

Math 300

pg 58 #10-14

pg 56#1,2

September 30th


Lesson #19 Multiplying_and_Dividing_Integers.ppt

Math 3000

pg 51,52,53


Integers test October 12th

September 29th Lesson #18 Subtracting Integers.ppt

Math 3000

pg 49#17,18,19,20,21,22,23

pg 50#34

Quiz September 30th (adding and subtracting integers)

September 27th Lesson #17 Adding Integers.ppt

Math 3000

pg 45 activity #1 and 2

pg 46#1,2,3,4,5

Quiz September 30th

September 26th Lesson #16 Introduction_to_Integers.ppt

Math 3000

pg 41 whole page

pg 42#4,6,7

pg 43#11,12

pg 44#13

Quiz September 30th( adding and subtracting integers)

Sept 21st TEST  
Sept 20th REVIEW Class Test Sept 21st
September 16th


2)practice period

Finish worksheets

Test September 21st( Place value, Rounding, Decimals)

Sept 15th

1) Correct homework

2) Word problems with decimals

Lesson 4 Problem Solving.ppt


pg 95#8,10,11

pg 98#12,13,14,15

September 13th


Wonderful world of Decimals 2.pptx ( slide 8-12)


math 3000

pg 94 #1,2,3,4,5

pg 96#1,2,3

September 12th

1)Correct worksheets

Wonderful world of Decimals 2.pptx

( slide 1-8) 

Math 3000 pg 92

Worksheet on comparing decimals

Quiz September 13th


September 8th Practice period


Quiz on place value and rounding September 13th

September 7th 

Place value and rounding

Lesson 1 Place_Value.ppt  

Math 3000

pg 87#1,2,3

pg 88#7,8,9

pg 89#10,11,12 

September 2nd  Math review   
September 1st  Introductions 

Ms Mandigo’s Math Class.pptx

 Read class procedures  than print and sign 2nd page . class procedures.docx  


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