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Social Science

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    Date  Day  Notes/Course Work  Homework/Evaluations 

June 23rd

Zoom lesson details in weekly planner


Final Class of Sec 1! 



June 18th

no zoom


Agriculture Video Activity.docx  

Submit your answers to me by email.


June 17th

Zoom lesson details in weekly planner

4 Agriculture & Mining in Canada .pdf    

June 15th 

No zoom


Identifying Parts of Canada.docx  

Fill in the handout with help from the powerpoint we saw last week. Please submit by email .


June 11th

Zoom Lesson details in weekly planner


Identifying Parts of Canada.pptx  


June 8th

No zoom

7 The basics you NEED to know.doc    

June 4th 

No zoom


For this quiz, you can use all notes and activities to help you. You can also research on the internet.

Please submit the answers to me by email for feed back. 


June 3rd

Zoom Lesson

Details in parent and student emails in Weekly Planner.


Evolution of Canadian Government.pptx  

Federal, Provincial, or Municipal (1).pdf

We will do both of these documents together. feel free to print them.


June 1st

No zoom


Level of Canadian Government Video Activity.docx

Please submit the answers to me by email for feedback. 


May 26th

Zoom details in parent and student emails in weekly planner.


Primary Document Analysis government.docx  

You can fill in this document online or print it ,fill it in by hand, and send me a photo. 

I will start the activity with the students. They must finish it and hand it in.


May 21st

NO zoom


Types of Government Video Activity.docx  

Please submit your answers to me by email. You can write on the document electronically. Or write by hand , take a picture than send it to me.


May 19th 

Zoom lesson

* details in parent and student email in the weekly planner.


Types of Government.pptx  

Types of government handout.docx


You can fill out the document  electronically or by hand. you do not need to hand it in.

    April 28th   

https://youtu.be/6XXGF_V8_7M Story of Human Rights.

We will be discussing the above video on Tuesday. Here are the discussion questions:

1) What do you think Human Rights are after watching the video? 

2) How many Human rights are there in total? 

3) What was the name of the earliest declaration of human rights? 

4) What is natural law? 

5)Who decided in 1915 that the whole world should have Human Rights not just Europe?

6) The United Nations was born after what major tragic event?

7) Why are rights still being violated? 



    March 19th 9

vocabulary quiz

Ancient Greece activities

    March 16th 7

ancient greece key words.pptx

Ancient Greece-ppt.odp ( slide 1-6 only)  Copies have been made for the students


Vocabulary Quiz March 19th 
    March 12th 5

finish Presentations

Ancient Greece


What is Democracy.pptx


    March 11th 4

Half the class to finish

Present Green Cities

    March 9th 2 Robots navigate the cities  
    Feb 28th 1 Finish building! After March break program  robots to drive through the cities!  
    Feb 25th 7

** there will be a substitute today**


    Feb 20th 5 Projects  
    Feb 19th 4 Projects  
    Feb 17th 2 Projects  
    February 14th 1 Projects  
    February 11th 7 Projects  
    February 10th 6 Continue project  
    February 7th 5 Using for Math  
    February 6th 4 Continue projects  
    February 4th 2 Continue projects  
    January 31st 1 Winter Carnival  
    January 28th 7 Using class to write Part C of Math Exam  
    January 24th 5 Continue Green Cities project  
    January 23rd 4 Start Green Cities project  
    January 21st 2 Open book energy assignment  
    January 20th 1

Inexhaustible energy

energy sources with pics.ppt


    January 15th 7

Renewable energy

energy sources with pics.ppt

Note taking with fill in the blanks

    January 13th  5

 Non -Renewable energy

energy sources with pics.ppt 

note taking with fill in the blanks


    January 10th 4

Energy and Electricity Group activity

Future of Energy video and questions



    January 8th 2 Computer lab for Metropolitan report  
    January 7th 1 Going to computer lab to work on the Metropolitan Report  
    December 18th 7 Using this class for Math  
    December 16th 5

issues in Cities

Metropolitan Report (1).docx  

    December 12th 4

Yoga experiment day 2

Finish presentations


    December 10th 2

Yoga experiment

Hand in Cities article

Issues with Metropolis

    December 9th 1

Finish Civilization presentations

Article on cities with Questions

    Dec 4th 7

Project Due!



    December 2nd 5 Last day to work on project  
    November 29th 4 Work on Civilization Project  
    November 27th 2 Work on civilization project  
    November 26th 1 Work on Civilization project  
    November 20th 7

Work on Civilization Project

Computer Lab

    November 18th  5

Work on Civilization Project

Computer Lab

    November 13th 4

** There will be a sub this day***

The Development of the Written language with video (1).docx( To be handed in)

Hammurabi Activity

    November 11th 2

Commercial and cultural exchange.pptx


This project will be done in groups over several classes. The due date is to be determined.


    November 8th 1

Hammurabi Activity

Finish Social Organization Notes

Who Is Hammurabi.pptx

    November 1st 5

Current event Hamza, Christos , Owen

Social organization.pptx

With fill in the blank notes

    October 31st 4

Current Events Fy, Huey

Halloween activities

    October 29th 2

Current events Kyle, Ava

 - Finish Cuneiform Writing activity

 - Writing Uses 

The Development of the Written language with video (1).docx


Finish Writing activity
    October 28th 1

Current Events Lukas/Esteban

Finish From Farmer to Nomads Video and questions

Cuneiform Writing.pptx  with fill in the blank notes


    October 23rd 7

Current Event Dean

"What Makes my territory Unique "due


From Nomads to Farmers questions with video.docx


    October 21st 5

Current Event Chris H

Computer lab, Finish "What Makes my Territory Unique"

    October 18th 4

Current Event Nykaya

Computer lab C106 to work on "What Makes My Territory Unique"

    October 16th 2

Current Event Hailey

Finish Territory handout

Go to computer C106 to to work on my "What Makes My Territory Unique"

    October 11th 1

Current event Breanna

Territories Handout 2019.docx

If time introduce project

What Makes My Territory Unique 2019.docx (This will be worked on in class)



"What Makes my Territory Unique" due October 23rd 
    October 8th 7

Frescos Due

Current Event Shingen

Territories 2019.ppt


    October 4th 5

Current event Eliane, Isabelle and Irene

Work on Fresco's in class

Fresco's Due October 8th
    October 3rd 4

** There is a sub today**

Current Event Irene

Sedentary vs Nomadic assignment ( to hand in)

Work on Fresco's

    October 1st 2

Current Event Chris F

Nomadism (nomadic) notes.pptx

Cave Paintings.ppt



    September 30th 1

Map of Canada Due

Current event Isabelle

Paleolithic vs Neolithic.pptx

Paleolithic vs Neolithic Worksheet (1) (1).docx

Bronze Age Video Questions.docx ( To hand in)



    September 24th 7 Middle school BBQ  
    September 20th

World Map Due

Current Event (Eric ,liam, Tawqua)

Local, National , International

Map of Canada

Canada and World.docx

Finish Map of Canada for September 30th
    September 19th 

There is a substitute Today

Geography Booklet 

Finish for Geography booklet
    September 17th 

World Map Activity

Difference between a continent, a country and a city.

World Map Due Friday 
    September 16th  1

Time line Due

 Intro to current events

Current Event Write-up.docx

Current Event Oral Presentation.docx  

Personal Time line due Monday 
    September 9th 

Class president presentation

Personal timeline

Personal Timeline (1) (1).docx  

Personal Time line Due Monday 
    September 6th 

Introduce Portal

Time line activity Part 2


    September 4th 

Pre- History DiscussionPREHISTORY-a group activity.doc

Time line Activity Part 1Time Line Activity.docx


    September 3rd 

Create Class Contract 

Group discussions



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