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Page history last edited by lindsay mandigo 1 year, 4 months ago
Date  Class notes   Evaluations and homework 
June 7th Review for Math exam Final June 10th 1-3pm
June 5th Math review for final exam  
June4th Final situational problem 1  class only
May 31st Practice situational Final Situational June 4th 
May 30th Test  
May 28th Review patterns and probability  
May 27th

Patterns lesson #4

Evaluating equations

MHS booklet

Finish booklet
May 23rd

Patterns lesson #3

MHS booklet

Finish booklet

Test on Patterns /Probability May 30th

May 22nd

Patterns lesson #2

Creating a rule

MHS booklet

Finish Booklet
May 17th

Pattern lesson #1

Lesson #29 Series.ppt

MHS booklet

Finish Booklet
May 16th


Probability #3

MHS booklet

Finish MHS booklet
May 15th

Statistic Test

Probability lesson #2

MHS booklet

Finish MhS booklet
May 13th

Review statistice

Probability Lesson #1

Lesson #28 Probability.ppt

MHS booklet


Finish Booklet
May 10th Lesson #15 Broken Line Graphs Statistics Test May 15th
May 8th

Lesson #14 Circle Graphs

MHS booklet

May 7th 

Lesson #13 Bar Graphs

MHS booklet

May 3rd

Mean and range

MHS worksheets

Pg 337, 338( Booklet #1)

pg 341,343,345(Booklet #2)

Finish Worksheets
May 2nd

Lesson 12 TO 15 Graphs.doc

Lesson #12 Tables

MHS worksheets

Pg 336 (Booklet #1)

pg 339(Booklet #2)

pg 340* Booklet #2)

Finish Worksheets
April 30th MHS Statistics Vocabulary Booklet  Finish Booklet
April 29th

Finish Situational

Start Statistics

Lesson #11 Statistics Terms.doc

April 25th Real situational problem Students will get 1.5 classes to complete it.  
April 24th Practice situational problem  
April 23rd Practice situational problem  
April 17th Test on Area, Perimeter and Conversions April 25th Situational Problem

Course pack

pg 321 #21-24

pg 322

pg 323

Test April 17th on Area, Perimeter and conversions

Finish Course pack

April 12th

More practice

Course pack

pg 317/318

Finish Course pack
April 11th


Irregular shapes

course pack pg 315/316

Finish Course pack
April 9th

Area conversions

Course pack

pg 311,312,313,314

Finish course pack

Quiz April 11th on area

April 8th

Finding Area.pptx

Course pack pg 309/310

Finish course pack
April 4th Test on perimeter and conversions  
April 3rd

Review for test


March 29th

Practice period

course pack

Pg 319,320

321 #16-20

Finish Course Pack

Test on Perimeter and conversions April 4th

online homework due April 2nd

March 28th

Perimeter MHS examples together

Course pack pg 307/308

Finish Course Pack
March 26th

Perimeter Activity

Lesson #34 LA Perimetre.doc

Course pack pg 306

Finish Course pack
March 25th

Metric conversions MHS examples

Course pack pg 303,304,305

Finish Course Pack
March 21st

Triangle assignment

metric_metconversion 2019.ppt

Finish Worksheets 
March 20th

Triangle Activity


Finish Worksheets 
March 18th



Finish Worksheets 
March 15th

Geometry Test



Finish Worksheets 
March 13th Stations Review of geometry Test March 15th on Geometry
March 12th Review booklet on geometry Test on Geometry March 15th
March 1 st TBA   
Feb 28th

Exploring lines and angles

Course pack pg 260-262

Finish Course Pack
Feb 26th


LA quadrilaterals.doc

Course pack pg 263-265


Finish Course Pack
Feb 25th

Correct homework

Angle Investigation

Course pack 

pg 253-257

Quiz Feb 26th on Angle Relationships

Finish Course pack

Feb 20th Practice period  on angle relationships

Finish worksheets

Quiz Feb 26th on angle relationships

Feb 19th



Examples together

Course pack pg 258, 259

Finish Course pack
Feb 15th

Practice period on Geometry

Going to computer lab to do online practice



Quiz Tuesday Feb19th on Cartesian Plane and Geometry 

Please Get a Geometry Set

Feb 14th

Correct all work from Monday and Tuesday

Measuring angles and constructing bisectors

Course pack pg 252



Finish pg 252 
Feb 12th

** There is a sub today**

MHS sub work.pdf

Letter Z Puzzle.pdf

graphing_four_ordered_puzzle (1).pdf

All work from Feb 11th and 12th must be finished by Feb 14th

Please Get a Geometry set

Feb 11th

**There is a sub today**

Course pack pg 251

Lesson #33 LA Lines.doc

Angle Booklet

Feb 7th

Math Geometry Vocabulary.ppt

Course pack pg 249 and 250

Feb 6th

Go over exam

Cartesian Plane worksheets

Jan 31st Exam Part 2  
Jan 30th Exam Part 1  
January 28th Review class  
January 25th

Review warm up

Correct Homework


Review booklet

Summative Exam

Jan 30th Part A and B

Jan 31st Part C

Finish online review assignment

January 24th

Snow day


Finish course Pack and worksheets

Finish online assignment


Summative Exam

Jan 30th Part A and B

Jan 31st Part C


January 22nd

Review warm up

Correct Homework

Intro to proportions

Course pack pg 209-211

Finish Course pack

Finish online assignment

January 21st

Review warm Up

Correct Homework

Taxes and rebates

Course pack pg 207/208

Online assignment due at the end of the week

Finish course

Finish Online assignment

January 17th


Percent "of"

course pack pg 197-201

January 16th

Learning activity

LA fractions.doc

Course pack

pg 186-189

Finish Course Pack

Quiz January 17th Fractions/Decimals/Percents

January 14th


Example together

Course pack pg 164-168(excluding Cartesian plane)

Finish Course pack

Quiz January 17th Fractions/Decimals/Percent's

January 11th Fractions Test  
January 9th

Fractions Review #2

course pack pg 141,142,143,144


Finish Course Pack and Online Unit Review

Fraction Test January 11th

January 8th

Fractions Review

Course pack pg 135, 139,140,

Online Unit Review due Thursday


Finish Course Pack


December 20th Real Situational Problem continued  
December 19th Real Situational problem done individually  
December 17th

There is a substitute today

Practice situational problem done in teams 

December 14th


Word problems with Fractions

Examples together

Course pack pg 136-137

Finish Course Pack

Situational problem December 19th and 20th

December 12th Follies

Finish Course Pack

Quiz December 14th All Fractions

December 11th

BEDMAS with fractions

Examples together

course pack pg 131-134

Finish Course Pack 
December 6th

Dividing fractions

Fraction Notes.pdf

Examples together

Course pack pg 125-126

Finish Course Pack

Quiz December 14th on All Fractions

December 5th


Multiplying Fractions

Examples together

Fraction Notes.pdf

Course Pack pg 121-124

Finish Course Pack
December 3rd

Converting between improper and mixed fractions

Examples Together

Course Pack pg 113-116


Finish Course Pack

Quiz December 5th

November 30th

Adding and subtracting fractions

Fraction Notes.pdf

Course pack pg 111-112

Finish Course Pack

Quiz December 5th

November 28th

Introduction to Fractions

Fraction Notes.pdf

Course pack pg 105-107 Together

Finish Course pack pg 108-110

Finish Course Pack
November 27th Test  
Nov 23rd


Course pack pg 90/91

Finish Course pack 
Nov 22nd

Multiply and dividing Integers

Multiplying and Dividing Integers Notes.pdf

Computer Lab to complete a unit review

Test on integers Nov 27th
Nov 20th


Word problems with Integers

Course pack pg 86/87

Finish Course pack 
Nov 19th

Practice period of integers 

Text boo work

Course pack pg 79 and 80

Finish course pack

Quiz tomorrow

November 14th

Adding and subtracting notes.docx

Examples together

Course pack pg 78 

Finish course pack

Quiz November 20th

November 13th

Introduction to Integers notes.docx

Examples together

Course pack pg 73/74 #1-8

pg 75#8-10

Finish Course pack
November 7th Summative Part C  
November 6th Summative Part A and B  
November 2nd

Memory aid tutorial

Review booklet

Term 1 summative November 6th and 7th

All Topics covered this term

November 1st Review stations to review for Term summative 

Term 1 summative November 6th and 7th

All Topics covered this term

October 30th Test #2  
October 29th

Math help Services Online assignemt in clas

Icarts have been booked

October 25th pg 38-40

Test October 30th


Square roots

scientific notation




October 24th


Course pack pg 37/38

Finish Course pack pg 37-40
October 22nd

Word problems with BEDMAS

Course pack pg 35/36

Finish Course pack pg 35/36
October 19th



pg 34 course pack

Finish pg 34 course pack
October 17th Practice period LCM an GCF word problems Quiz October 19th( Divisibility to LCM/GCF)
October 16th

LCM and GCF Notes.pdf

LCM-GCF Prime Factorization Worksheet.pdf

Course pack pg 31

Finish course pack pg 31

Finish worksheet

October 12th

Composite numbers/prime number /Prime factorization

Course pack pg 29-30

Prime and Composite Numbers Notes.pdf

Prime Factorizatin Tree Worksheet 2.pdf

MHS online assignment



Finish online assignment 

course pack


Quiz October 19th (Divisibility to LCM/GCF)

October 11th

Divisibility Rules

Divisibility Rules Notes.pdf

Group activity

Course pack pg 23-24

Finish course pack
October 5th


Scientific notation Fact sheet.docx

scientific_notation sec 1.pdf

Watch video lesson on square roots on MHS


Finish Worksheet 

Watch Video Lesson on Square Roots on MHS

October 3rd

Square roots

Course pack pg 28

MHS homework assignmnet

Finish Course pack  pg 28

Finish MHS homework assignment

October 2nd

Exponent Fact sheet.docx  

Course pack pg 25-27

Finish Course pack pg 25-27 

Quiz October 5th

September 27th Middle School BBQ  
September 26th

Test #1

Watch and try examples from video lesson exponents from Math help Services


September 24th Terry Fox Run  
September 20th

Last review class before test

Story Problem Practice.pdf


Test September 26th 

Complete online assignnment on Math Help Services to practice for test

September 18th

Plickers story problems

Correct homework

More practice with Word problems

September 17th

Lesson 4 Problem Solving.ppt

word_mixed_probs multiple operations.pdf



Finish Worksheets on word problems

Test #1 September 26th 

September 13th 

Practice comparing decimals 

comparing decimals.pdf

decimlas ordered on number line.pdf


Test #1 September 26th


Place Value



September 12th 

Introduction to Math Help Services https://math-help-services.org  

Give Usernames and Passwords

Try First online assignment 



Watch Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX9CdUAMpgE ( Comparing Decimals)

September 10th 

Warm Up

Quiz on place value and rounding

What's a whole number?

Math Help Services Example #1 ( From Understanding Natural, whole and integer numbers)

Math Help Services Example #3 and #4 ( Four Operations) as a class

Course pack Chapter pg 21


standard form with decimals.pdf


Finish Course pack pg 21 
September 7th 

Warm up ( Group debate)

Matching game


Course Pack chapter 1 pg 33


1) Finish pg 33

2) Quiz next class



September 5th 

Warm up


rounding in real life.pptx

Math help services examples 1,4 and 5 (from mental arithmetic and estimation section) as a class.

rounding sum and difference nearest thousand.pdf


rounding to hundreds word problems.pdf


Finish Worksheets in exercise book
September 4th 

Warm up

Place Value

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RlPf_2hlWM( Place Value)

https://www.youtube.…/watch?v=4AF7xj7pmWc ( Expanded Form)

Group activity to organize place value chart.

Math Help Services example 5 and 9 (from Understanding natural number, whole numbers and integers) as a class.

place value chart.pdf

Both expanded and standard Form.pdf

place vs value.pdf



1) Finish Worksheets in exercise books

2) Watch Video on Rounding

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNfz-JU2cKE ( Rounding Song)

August 30th 

Welcome ms. carons.pptx   

      Symbol creation

1) Read The welcome PowerPoint with your parents 

2) Watch  these videos  on Place Value

https://www.youtube.…/watch?v=7RlPf_2hlWM ( Place value)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AF7xj7pmWc ( Expanded Form)




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