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Copy of Geography and History 106-06

Page history last edited by lindsay mandigo 3 years, 2 months ago
  Classwork  Homework/Evaluations 
June 1st  
May 30th   Final quiz June 1st 
May 25th    
May 24th 

Correct pg 129-131

Day in the life of a roman teen ager

May 19th

Roman culture.pptx

History log pg 132-135

Quiz June 1st( Parts 4 and 5)
May 18th

Ancient Roman time of Peace-Part 4.pptx

History log pg 129-131

May 17th Open book Quiz Government  
May 15th  History log pg 120-123  Quiz May 17th Government 
May 10th

open book quiz

Video on government

May 9th

Ancient Rome Part 2.pptx

history log pg 116-119

May 5th

Ancient Rome part 1.pptx

history log

pg 112-114

Open book Quiz May 10th ( on part 1 and 2)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPf27gAup9U ( crash course of Rome)

May 4th Work on assinment  
May 2nd Work on assignment Assignment due May 5th
April 27th


Work on assignment.

April 26th 


Introduce Impact assignment.

April 24th

Impact of natural disasters

Natural Disasters ppt.ppt (slide 15- end)

Text book questions pg 200-205


Quiz April   27th  on natural disasters

Text books cannnot go home. Work will be done in class.

April 21st

Look at Meterorlogical disasters.

Natural Disasters ppt.ppt(slide 9-14)

text book questions

pg 196-200

Texts books cannot go home. This will be done in class. 
April 19th

Natural Disasters ppt.ppt( geological disasters)

Text book 

pg 190-194


Texts books cannot go home, All work will be done in class.
April 11th Test Ancient Greece  
April 10th Review for Test Test on Ancient Greece April 11th
April 6th

Games due!

Play each others board games

April 5th Dance show  

April 3rd

**There is a sub this period

I cart booked

Last day to work on projects

March 29th C111- Work on projects  
March 28th C102 - Work on Projects  
March 23rd

Board game

Computer lab. Start designing Game board, accessories and rules.

March 22nd

Board game

Fill out planning sheet with your group.

March 20th




Board Game Project.docx

March 15th SNOW DAY   
March 14th History log pg 96-98  
March 10th History log pg 84-95  
March 9th


Limits of Democracy.pptx


March 7th

How did Athenian Democracy work with history Log.pptx

pg 80-83

review for quiz

Quiz march 9th:

The quiz covers

pg 66-83

Feb 23rd

Finish debates


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kj2R0rrFSNM ( Athenian democracy)
Feb 22nd

ancient greece key words.pptx

Ancient Greece with history log.pptx ( slide 1-5)


Quiz March 9th
Feb20th Democracy activity

Quiz March 9th

Quiz is on:

Key words

pg 66-79


Sub today

History log pg 66-79

Feb 14th

Finish presentations


What is Democracy.pptx

History log pg 66/67

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7dTDjRnBqU  ( world History crash course)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LabV7EFHHeo ( What is democracy)

Feb 9th Present projects   
Feb 8th Last class to work on project  
Jan 27th Work on project Project due Feb 9th 
Jan 25th Work on project  
Jan 20th

Quiz( closed book)

Work on Montreal project

Jan 19th

Review for quiz

Montreal Project introduction

Jan 17th

Getting around Montreal

Issues in Montreal worksheet


Quiz Jan 19th
Jan 16th

Finish test book pages

Issues in Montreal.pptx


Quiz Jan 19th
January 12th


Textbook page 15-26

Quiz January 19th
Dec 23rd Open book test  
Dec 22nd Jeopardy review  
Dec 20th

History log pg 31-15


Dec 19th

Quiz( closed book)


Commercial and cultural exchange.pptx

Dec 15th  Laws of Hammurabi activity 

Quiz next class( Dec 19th)

on pages 30-45v of History Log 

Dec 12th

Finish writing assignment

Social hierarchy

Social organization.pptx


History log pg 40-45 
Dec 9th

-Writing assignment

1)Making your name on clay


2) Writing uses.

Assignments due Monday Dec 12th
Dec 7th

Exploration of writing

Cuneiform Writing.pptx

Fill in the blanks notes pg 8 and 9


History log pg 36-39

Dec 6th


Test( closed book)


Fill in the blank note(pg 5-7)using pg 28 of History log and Devices

History log pg 28-30
Dec 2nd


Those not going will do the following:

Door decorating and jeopardy

Test December 6th  on Energy
Nov 29th Math period  
Nov 28th

Present projects

Energy Jeopardy

Nov 22nd

Work on project

Due date changed to November 28th 
Nov 21st Work on project  
Nov 16th Work on project  
Nov 11th Math Fractions  
Nov 10th

Present energy project.


Project Due Nov 22nd 
Nov 8th

Energy notes ( slide 50-55)

Follow up questions

Water articles

Finish articles
Nov 7th

Hand in Iceland Questions

Energy notes and fill in the blanks ( slide 27-44)


Nov 3rd

Iceland follow up questions

Iceland Follow Up Questions.docx

energy sources with pics.ppt ( slide 24-27)

Textbook questions


Finish Iceland follow up questions

Iceland presentation would not upload. Therefore just hand in what you completed in class.

Oct 31st

Iceland Presentation

The presentation was to large to upload. Therefore just hand in the answers that you got during class.


October 27th Using this class for math  
October 25th

energy sources with pics.ppt ( slide 1-24)

1-Natural resources and energy sources.doc This document is to be filled in during the notes.


Questions on Energy  handout

October 24th


Introduction to Energy

The Future of Energy 


Oct 20th Work on Project Project Due October 24th
Oct 17th Work on project  
Oct 14th Work on Project  
Oct 12th Using this period for math  
Oct 7th Quest  

Oct 5


Correct History log

Neolithic peoples continued.pptx

How are cities created

September 30th

There will be a Substitute today

History log

pg 13-21

September 29th

Personal time line due

Correct pg 2-13 of History log

Neolithic peoples continued.pptx

September 27th

Paleolithic vs Neolithic.pptx  

Frescos Venn Diagram

History Log pg 2-13 * not #6
September 26th

History timeline activity

Nomadism (nomadic) notes.pptx


Personal time line due September 29th 
September 21st


Primary source activity

Personal timeline

"What makes my Territory unique is due"

Finish personal Time line
September 16th




There is only 1 page online. please use the handout given in class for the other questions. you can type in the titles yourself :)

Project Due September 21th
September 15th

Territories (1).pptx ( slide 12-13)

A-Z challenge D

"What makes my territory unique"

What Makes My Territory Unique.docx

September 13th 

A-z Challenge C

Map of Canada quiz

Territories (1).pptx (slide 1-11)

Territories Handout.docx

September 12th 

A-Z challenge B 

Finish up map of Canada

Review map of Canada

Class Photo

September 8th 

A-Z challengeA

World map activity

Map of Canada activity


Finish Map of World

Quiz September 13th

September 2nd  Finish the Documentary  Questions to the documentary due the following class. 
September 1st 

Introduction to geography

Documentary with Questions

"The Incredible Human Journey" 

Incredible Human Journey.docx  

at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxLgLoSZVEc

geography objectives.pptx


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